PRAXI IP with ATM LAB to patent an innovative ATM sanitizing solution

The serious difficulties deriving from the Covid-19 pandemic have also proved to be an important stimulus for creativity and the development of new products and devices, and new inventions in the pharmacological and biomedical fields are presented almost every day by companies and individuals, in services, procurement and many others to make distancing, sanitizing objects and environments, logistics, care, etc. more functional.
PRAXI Intellectual Property S.p.A. had the pleasure of assisting Domenico Cristofaro and Domenico Morano of ATM Lab S.r.l. in the filing of a patent application for an invention (No. 102020000019861 of 10.08.2020) which addresses the sanitizing problems of ATMs. The solution overcomes the sanitization with gel, which can damage the electronic circuits of the device, and uses UV-C germicidal light with automatic activation after each use. In a short interval between one operation and the next, the system, in total safety, starts sanitizing for a few seconds, making the ATM totally sanitized, ready for the next use.
The invention has a wide field of application for many types of devices, with particular reference (in addition to cash dispensers) to fuel dispensers and touch screens.
The MCM Group was established 1997 and includes MCM (design and production based in Cittanova, Reggio Calabria) and ATM Lab (finished product and assembly of the electronic part, based in Garlasco, Pavia). The Group specializes in the production of safety devices, and follows the entire process of manufacturing for both banking and retail products, from the design phase to construction, up to delivery and installation. It boasts more than twenty years of experience in the design and implementation of hardware solutions for the Self-Service world, with a particular specialization in the banking sector and a wide range of installation solutions (fixed and adjustable plinth, wall-cut adaptation frames, etc.) and for the protection (double shutter, anti-skimming, etc.).