geographical indications

Geographical indications and designations of origin

In the agri-food sector, the particular relationship that often connects a product to its place of origin gives rise to special problems regarding the protection both of trademarks and against counterfeiting and unfair competition. It is therefore crucial to know how the most appropriate protection instruments - designations of origin, geographical indications and trademarks - work.

Effective advice against unfair competition

Our team of professionals can provide you with effective advice for the protection of denominations, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in typical agro-food products, especially if you import and/or export high-quality agri-food products and have to deal with counterfeiting and unfair competition, which often involve countries with no specific safeguards for designations of origin or geographical indications.

Agri-food Made in Italy

The increasing attention that the agri-food sector has attracted over the last few years underlines the importance of registering intellectual property rights, such as individual trademarks, certification and/or collective marks, designs and typical products such as PDOs and PGIs. It is therefore essential for anyone interested in entering the Italian or European Union agri-food markets to have full knowledge of these tools and strategies.