About us

A team of experienced professionals capable of advising your intellectual property at 360°.


PRAXI Intellectual Property is a consultancy company in Industrial and Intellectual Property, owned by PRAXI SpA, a primary management italian consulting company.

PRAXI IP provides Clients with consulting activities at 360°, which allows them to protect and enhance all intangible assets: trademarks, patents, utility models, designs and copyright. The range of services, the distribution of the office locations, the global network of partners and correspondents, and the cutting-edge technological solutions, are the strengths of our consulting support, but it is the experience and passion of our Team that makes the difference, so as to be able to build a long-lasting partnership of value.

PRAXI IP has 10 offices in Italy and € 2 millions of Share Capital.



PRAXI currently has 250 employees in 9 offices and € 6 million of Share Capital.

The firm offers products and services through four divisions: Management Consulting, Information Technology, Valuations and Appraisals, Human Resources.
PRAXI Group also includes:
PRAXI ALLIANCE – Worldwide Executive Search
PRAXI VALUATIONS – Global Independent Advisers
CONSALIA Ltd – Sales and Marketing worldwide consulting

praxi.praxi: a dot ahead

PRAXI is one of the very few companies worldwide truly committed to the innovative generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) program promoted by ICANN, the global internet regulatory body.

A Top Level Domain provides stronger protection from inappropriate attempts to use trademarks and services.

By landing on .praxi, visitors will be certain of being in the proper PRAXI internet environment where all of the exchanged information benefits from the highest standards of digital security.